• We bought a house!

11th June 2016

We bought a house!

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Hello everyone,

I have been promising this blog for a while so glad that I am finally getting the first post out and I hope you enjoy following us on our first home adventure!

I would like to begin this blog’s first ever post by saying a massive thank you to all those who helped make our dream a reality.

To both our families, thank you so much for all your generosity and encouragement. You have not only helped us financially but you have contributed your time and energy and for this we are so so grateful. I would also like to give a special mention to Phil’s brother Alex because when the bank decided to withhold an extra ten large until the property reached a liveable state, Alex stepped in and saved the day with a very generous loan.

Also to Kevin Lake we would like to say a massive thank you because your help and advice on getting the surveys we needed was invaluable. Without this the whole process would have been just that bit more difficult so thank you very much!

Finally I would like to just like to say that we are so appreciative for the support and encouragement everyone around us has given. You have all been rooting us on, wishing us the best, and just so genuinely interested  to hear all about it! So thank you to all our friends for being so enthusiastic and caring.

Now on to what you have all asked to see… some pictures! As you know we have already begun improvements on the property but I thought I would start by giving you the estate agents pictures so you can see it as we first did!

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