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1st June 2016

Getting The Keys

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Good morning!

We have now officially been given the keys to our first home and already spent our first weekend at Higher Marsland! We still have some time left in London and whilst we had booked 2 weeks off work to begin renovations we just couldn’t wait till then, so travelled down a week earlier to pick up the keys.

Keys to the Castle

We fell in love with the property within the first five minutes of the viewing and after this weekend we love it even more! Despite the holes in the floor, the lack of heating, the rusty coloured water (that can only be heated by a fire) and the layers of mould, its perfect and its ours! There is so much potential and doing it up is going to be the most amazing adventure and it all began with this weekend. We weren’t able to get too much work done but we have made a start so take a look at the photos below to see what we got up to…

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